for critters Certified Equine Therapist

RAPID NFR Specialist, RMT and

Pain Management Specialist


Hi! My name is Wanda.

I am a registered massage therapist with CMMOTA. I have completed all courses offered for RAPID Neurofascial Reset & became a specialist in January 2019. My base education of obtaining a diploma with 2200 hours of education through Alberta Massage Training (Alberta College Of Massage Therapy now) was completed in July 2012. I became a certified equine therapist with HJW Equine Studies in June 2008 with training for animal alignment and massage. I have experience helping multiple kinds of animals with many different disciplines. 

Part of my drive towards becoming a pain management specialist was living with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip. The tiny start of narrowing in my hip socket was thrown into fast forward motion when I was in an incident in August 2006.  After years of increasing pain and reducing range of motion I found RAPID NFR (which started my education with it). Taking care of myself with having a few RAPID NFR sessions, a herb pill once a day and a healthy lifestyle I was almost able to avoid hip replacement surgery (January 2019). I was born with a shallow hip (the part that the ball sits in) & was just not able to spend the hours in the gym to rebuild necessary muscling to correct this as I had with growing up riding horses on my own since the age of 3. My hip kept dislocating and I could not even put my toe on the ground when it did without shear pain. RAPID NFR expanded my vision on treatments for clients and what pain is. I further researched and took courses to be able to understand what I was going through and what I could do about it. Please do not hesitate to book a free consultation if you wish to discuss your issues.

I am a third generation chariot driver. The summer of 2021 I came out of a ten year retirement that proceeded eight years of competing. I won Provincial Rookie in 2002, I was third overall in 2008. I have only placed out of the top ten twice (being eleventh once behind my grandpa) driving different teams through out the years. The environment further enlightened my equine knowledge. Learning the ropes from my grandfather (over 45 years of chuckwagon and chariot racing) was amazing.  I am proud to be apart of the lifestyle allowing continued help to many horses, drivers and their families.

I was a member of 4-H for eight years. I completed multiple projects including horse, canine, veterinary science, photography, and craft projects. One year I won the Regional Senior Small Animal Record Book competition with my canine records. I held every executive position, winning the highest level of record book competitions in treasurer and secretary. I won ribbons at district and regional levels with different equine projects as well as a canine project (my best friend). I was then a general club leader for a year and Other leader the year after. On multiple occasions I was mistress of ceremony and still judge for different club and district level competitions.

I was a huge part of the Battle River Ride For STARS from the fall of 2017 to fall of 2019. I helped organize the event that raised over $50,000 for STARS during this time. I was happy to be involved for their 10th anniversary and bring great new features to the ride. The trail ride was approximately 18 miles with supper provided to riders, a silent auction and prizes for most money raised in support of STARS. The ride at that time took place just Northeast of Castor AB. I was excited and spent my share of time overcoming pain to mark trail and ride in it even though I was never able to complete it in its entirety.

I was a certified equine first aid instructor 2013 through 2016. During the 4 years I was able to teach kids courses, equine first aid, advanced equine first aid, safe trailering, disaster planning, and first responder courses. I really enjoyed helping to education people in these very important topics. I continue to pass along information as needed with clients.

I strive to free bodies and minds to a grater magnitude.