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Animal Therapy

Certified Equine Therapy

One animal session includes an assessment, alignment, acupressure, massage, and stretching. 

Misalignments cause interference with nerve transmissions preventing your animal from functioning properly. Oxygen within muscles become depleted; excess lactic acid builds and inhibits full muscle range of motion. Recovery time can range from just minutes to months depending on the time elapsed and amount of misalignment occurred.

There are 26 stress points on each side of an animal, one per major muscle group (at each sight the tendons in that muscle come together). Acupressure and massage enable blood flow to and through the muscle; it cleanses toxins and rebuilds oxygen levels.

Alternative therapy is evolving dramatically in the animal kingdom. We all need to feel 100% to give 100%. We know how hard it can be to function from a slight headache to an excruciating pinched nerve. Animals rely on us to provide options of help and relief from what hinders them. 

It is important to remember that this therapy is complimentary to Veterinary Care and should not be used to replace it. Please research your therapist as certification and courses for animal alternative therapies are not regulated or governed in Alberta or Saskachewan.

Situations that can cause the need for therapy:

Falling over backward                          Many types of accidents

Casting (under a fence/stall)              Breeding

Playing to rough                                  Falling or slipping


Signs of needing therapy:

Lack of energy or impulsion          

Throwing of the head                           

Trouble backing up                               

Can not pick up a lead                         

Restless standing                                  Undefined lameness

Bucking for no reason                          Resisting training       

Sensitive (cinchy/ears)

Stiff hind quarters

Holding head to one side

Stopping heavy on front end

Unusual sweat spots

Undefined lameness

"Dog tracking" (even dogs)

Not dropping to urinate

Benefit of therapy:


Reduced Inflammation

Weight Control

Overall Health
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