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Protandim Nrf2 is a 5 herb pill comprised of milk thistle, ashwaganda, bacopa, green tea and turmeric. The role of taking this pill once a day is to activate your NRF2 pathway and remove oxidative stress from the body (human or animal). Turn on your glutathione production, it is so much stronger than taking it synthetically!  A general over view of what it does can be found at This utube video is about 15 minutes long and it can change your life. Let Wanda know if you have any questions or would more information.
Axio is great for brain fog and a natural energy that will pick you up to get you through the day with no high or nasty low! It is a mild NRF2 activator for extra support.  Mix 1 pack in 24oz of water, drink over an hour in the morning and your set for the day.
Probio has a special coating to enable it to work in your intestines where it is meant to and where it matters. Not many probiotics sold have this very important ingredient. Wellmune helps to boost your immunity directly by absorbing through your walls into your cells. Gut health plays a huge role in mental and emotional health as well.

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