for critters Certified Equine Therapist

RAPID NFR Specialist, RMT and

Pain Management Specialist


Services (Direct Billing available for RAPID NFR & RMT services)

Remember that therapy is complimentary to Medical Doctor / Veterinarian care & should not be used to replace it.

Herd rates are available.

Animals not listed here may be worked on.

Pain Management Sessions Include:

Initial, Follow Up and Touch Up Sessions

Frequency Enhanced & Prenatal Sessions

See the Therapy tab under Services for more info.

Animal Sessions Include:

Equine (Horse)      Bovine (Cow)

Canine (Dog)         Ovine (Sheep)

Feline (Cat)           Saddle  Fitting

Assessments : Pre or Post Animal Purchase

See the Animal Therapy tab under Services for more info.

Retreat (more below)

Awareness Clinic (more below)

Retreat for you, friends, family & even your animals! 

Book now for your chance to have a day or weekend of alternative health services! Massage for you, your friends and family and alignment, acupressure, and massage care for your animal companion.

Approximately 85% of the horses that are being ridden are misaligned from compensating for their riders imbalance.

Awareness Clinic (Equine & Animal Therapy)

Wanda will start with an introductory / short history of herself and certification. Alignment, acupressure, and massage will be defined and how it affects the horse or animal. Benefits of services and situations will be discussed. Wanda will go through a session (if there is a demonstration animal) as she would with a first time client. A question and answer period will close the event.  

The presentation will be suitable to the audience in regards to length and terminology. A full clinic is usually 1.5 to 2 hours in length. A shorter presentation can be arranged if needed.  

Clinics can be open to the public or invitational. Clinics are offered with or without a demo animal present. A discount is available to one session for the demo animal. Awareness clinics are a great new idea for fundraising if there is an admission fee.

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