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RAPID NFR Specialist, RMT and

Pain Management Specialist


Pain Management Specialist and Registered Massage Therapist

All first/initial sessions include going over health history, a very detailed assessment, manual techniques and suggested after care. Each following session includes a quick update, range of motion assessment if needed and manual techniques within the desired session booked and after care.

Clients are fixed on average in 1 - 3 sessions for even 20 or 30 year old chronic pain as Wanda draws from vast training in many areas when booking initial, follow up, and tune up sessions. Clients save money and time away from family or work compared to other manual modalities. Her extensive pain research allows for individual treatment to serve each and every client. No one receives the same treatment, nor needs the same number or duration length of treatments. Wanda works with other therapies (physio, chiropractic, MD) to ensure client maximum healing happens with the fastest rate possible.

Wanda offers the following sessions

RAPID Neurofascial Reset  - 'RAPID'

RAPID-NFR is a hands on technique that woks with the nervous system while taking a neurological approach to release muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc & 'reboots' the area so that it moves without the sensitivity & achieves a faster, longer, greater result.

Appointment times are drastically reduced.

Sessions offered are initial, follow up and tune up.

Clients stayed clothed & movement is utilized.

All ages with any pain tolerance level are acceptable clients. Acute to chronic care is possible to increase the bodies range of motion and eliminate pain. All injuries/scars/surgeries are considered & can be addressed.


Wanda has additional training with many other techniques such as cupping, facilitated stretching and others. 

Please book a free consultation to speak with Wanda about your current situation and becoming pain free. 

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Frequency Enhanced Massage

These sessions are therapeutic techniques that involve select massage oil, essential oils and music selected accordingly to each clients healing needs. Myofascial needs are very important for physical and possible emotional (even subconscious) release.

Frequency work is based off of the science of Quantum Physics. It reaches a level within the body that many need to fully resolve unexplained or undiagnosed reoccurring physical pain.

Pregnancy Sessions

RAPID sessions are safe when needed for pain. Clients have an option to utilize massage oil and music with specialized bolsters under the sheets for a gentle lift allowing adequate space for a growing baby and indulged areas

Each session style is tailored to what is happening in the body at the moment. Many prenatal clients have laid 'on their tummy' for up to 40 minutes just 1 month prior to delivery date comfortably.


Some examples of issues addressed:

Pelvic floor & pudendal nerve

Scars / Surgeries Pre & Post

Healed bone breaks & fractures

Hyoid & esophagus

Colic & 'baby migraines'

Assists lymphatic drainage



Nerve pain & entrapment

Strabismus/Eye tracking issues

Increase muscular strength

Improve symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders 

Increase recovery time from injury or surgery

Increase range of movement (joint flexibility)

Release chronic muscular tension, aches, pain

Improve concentration, promote better sleep

Reduce mental and physical fatigue, anxiety and stress

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